People are social beings and also sensitive, we love to see, hear, taste, touch… Or, as the old saying goes, “you can see with your hands and touch with your eyes”. Therefore, in the world of event marketing, activities such as fairs and exhibitions are one of the most effective forms of promotion and, therefore, highly appreciated.

But what happens when you invest large amounts of resources and, even if the activity is a success, you realize that many interested parties did not have the opportunity to attend due to distance or time constraints? This is where, once again, technology comes to your aid and offers you resources that, if well used, can help you go further in achieving your goals.

We are not suggesting that you leave aside the realization of face-to-face fairs, but rather that you take advantage of the best of both worlds: the physical and the digital, for example, supporting your promotional efforts with a virtual fair or expo.

Benefits of virtual fairs

A virtual fair or expo is the perfect showcase for your brand, whatever its field, to make the public aware of your product and service portfolio, as well as the advantages and strengths of your business.

With a virtual fair, all the relevant information about your company will be within reach of your users at a click, from anywhere in the world. The limit is the internet and not a physical site. You will be seen by thousands of users!

Those interested in the offer available at the fair will be able to establish contact with your company, whenever they need to and wherever they are, by means of the virtual stands.

How does a virtual fair work?

The basic thing for a virtual fair or expo is to have a website built specifically for this type of event and does not replace your corporate website, because it is aimed at a promotional activity in a defined time.

The fair’s site will host the virtual stands related to each topic you need to promote, but also complementary information and, very importantly, a registration page to capture the data of those attending before allowing them access.

Because of its promotional nature, it is ideal that access to the virtual fair is free, after all, it is a matter of receiving people interested in acquiring something and, moreover, they will leave you their details in return. Of course, always with an ethical and respectful handling of your personal information.

If in any way your organization has the ability to convene others, there is the possibility that your virtual expo will be a source of income even before it takes place. How? By renting virtual stands, just like at a trade show!

Another clear advantage is that you can know in real time the behavior of the users and thus, better detect their needs and interests. The above-mentioned chatbots, an artificial intelligence resource, will immediately answer any question, no matter what time it is.

What do the experts say?

At My Fair Sad Festivals we have extensive experience in this area, as we have developed projects for clients on topics as diverse as education, recruitment and sales, to name a few.

For the same reason, we know well that a virtual fair is not necessarily a substitute for a face-to-face fair (something we have also had experience in), but rather a complement. For example, the former can bring together people from your own city, while the virtual one has a greater outreach, even internationally.

You may think that doing this is impossible in some cases, but let’s not put limits on imagination, on the contrary. Do you want a real estate exhibition? You can complement your fair with augmented reality. Or is your theme livestock production? Maybe using some virtual reality will work.

Make a difference with an innovative and efficient format to attract more customers, with a virtual fair tailored to your needs. Contact now the team of pioneers of virtual fairs in Mexico and, why not, the experts in face-to-face fairs as well.