The event provides to your business

In the midst of the digital transformation era, the benefits that events can bring to your company are immense. You don’t know these benefits yet? At a time when content is king, with the huge traffic generated by creating quality content on websites, how important SEO and social media metrics are today, events are a major focus of content generation.

Do you know the power that personal contact can provide to your business? According to the RAE, an event is any “major, scheduled event of a social, academic, artistic or sporting nature” and I would add more: with a specific objective. The concept of a corporate event includes everything from meetings, company dinners, congresses, conferences, to training courses, self-help, incentive plans, leisure activities for distributors, sales networks or employees.

There are no Objectives such as building brand recognition, increasing the visibility of a company or becoming an event host, generate knowledge and connection with the brand. In addition, guests are usually accompanied by other people, thus expanding the network of contacts.

Companies report having increased their event budgets by 3.8% this year, with the prospect of increasing them throughout the year if the economy continues to be positive, and another positive fact is that event agencies are planning to increase their staff by more than 10%.

It should be noted that this study shows the evolution of events towards a much more strategic vision. Companies are demanding events that are not mere moments of communication, motivation or training to a static audience, but a complete action. They require objectives such as capturing data, knowledge of the public or generating content that is later viralized in the event.

The industry of the organization of events of companies generates a great volume of business in Spain and it is justified by the great importance of these activities to foment and to strengthen the interpersonal relations, fidelity, to make businesses and to close sales. The benefits of organizing events are innumerable, although we will summarize the most important ones.

Advantages provided by the organization of events

Building brand recognition and trust

Events or meetings generate communication in a very effective way. They allow us to publicize company services or products directly to existing customers or potential customers and generate trust between the company and its guests.

Generate face-to-face relationships

An event is perhaps the activity that most enables interpersonal relationships. It is a great opportunity to expand your network and do networking, allowing you to meet new people, customers, colleagues, as well as other types of professionals.

Strengthen relationships between a community

An event improves relations between employees or the sales network, creating a good working climate. Holding events that combine work and leisure in a different environment motivates employees and helps to restore the relationships that are sometimes caused by the daily routine.

Reward and encourage achievement or recognise success

There is the option of encouraging or rewarding employees or the network for achievement, through a special party or a different dinner. There are thousands of possibilities.

Generate benefits

The possibility of increasing contacts and achieving a promotional effect, through an event, allows for a notable increase in sales and business.

Raise funds

Events are also used for charitable or social purposes, allowing guests or sponsors to generate brand awareness and visibility and get involved with a major event where they can gain a lot of recognition.

Establishing leadership

Holding an event in a certain sector gives the possibility of establishing a company as a driver of new ideas and collaboration. All of this adds value to your contacts and helps to position yourself as a trend leader.


What could be better than watching your contacts and clients having a good time? If they enjoy your event, there is no doubt that they are being loyal and will repeat.

However, organizing an event that is profitable and effective is not easy. You have to consider and interrelate factors such as human and technical resources, adequacy to the budget and the definition of objectives. A great deal of planning, organization, coordination and high levels of quality are needed to leave no room for improvisation.