We always talked here about how the digital market made it possible for many people to do what they like and also to work at home.

Among the different possibilities of working on the Internet, creating digital products is an alternative that calls the attention mainly of people who are already experts in some specific matter.

But, apart from creating a product, it is necessary to promote it and show that you are a reference person in the subject you are focusing on.

There are many marketing strategies available and one of them is the online conference. We are talking about a way to show your knowledge and deliver valuable material to your potential customers for free.

Are you interested in how to become an authority on the industry and the topic you are addressing?

Then, in this text we briefly explain what an online conference is, what its advantages are and how to develop it.

What is the online conference?

When we speak of online conferencing, we are referring to classes or the development of some topic that can be transmitted in video format and live on the Internet.

They can address any topic and are usually open to the audience to send questions to be answered during the broadcast.

An online conference can be long, about two hours, or even shorter, just to introduce a topic that will be more detailed in your online course, for example.

The important thing is to offer valuable knowledge to get people’s attention, showing them your authority on the subject.

Advantages of online conferencing

The main advantage of giving an online conference, as we said before, is to be seen as a reference in the digital market in your sector of activity.

But, in addition, there are other advantages that highlight the importance of this strategy for the digital entrepreneur, namely

Creating authority

Being seen as an online authority in your niche is essential to stand out from your competitors in the digital marketplace.

That old adage always works: first impressions are what you get!

When you are just starting out and you are not yet well known in the market, it is important to make a good impression.

For example:

If your subject is electrical engineering and you give an online lecture on air conditioning, chances are that someone watching your live broadcast will turn to you to answer questions related to this subject.

By explaining in a technical way and, at the same time, clearly and objectively, the knowledge you want to transmit can be well absorbed and people will notice that what you offer answers their doubts well.

For that reason, whenever they need answers to problems related to the topic you are focusing on, you will be the first person to be sought, because people will know you can help them.

Increasing the scope

Unlike a face-to-face conference, where there is a physical limit, an online conference does not prevent billions of people from attending from anywhere in the world.

And if it’s done on a social network, for example, the share your live stream buttons become your allies in increasing the number of people reached.

People you can’t even imagine may have access to your material and become your clients after hearing what you’ve said in a conference.

And don’t think that this is an advantage only for those who work in the digital marketplace!

If you are a teacher or you want to give some training to a group of people, but you can’t be with everyone on a certain day and time, the online conference is a great solution to break that physical barrier.

Passionate about customers

The fact that the online conference is free is a way to charm your potential customers and show that you offer complete and quality content without charging anything for it.

In addition, the live broadcast is the perfect time for people who still have doubts about your product to ask questions and, by answering them, you can break down possible objections.

If your goal with the conference is to sell a product, it is important to show all your knowledge within the industry.

This way, the potential customer will see the value of your work and, consequently, give your product more credibility. As a result they will make the decision to buy more easily because they understand the value of what you are selling.

Develop communication skills

This advantage concerns the rapporteur himself and not the product itself.

By doing an online conference, you manage to develop communication skills in a very efficient way. This is even more visible among shy people and those who are afraid of speaking in public.

Instead of speaking to an audience that is in the same place as you, you will not see who is watching your broadcast. Thus, explaining a certain topic becomes an easier task than explaining it in front of several unfamiliar faces.

The exercise of talking to the camera also helps and improves your own expression of ideas and the clarity of the subject matter.

It is also possible to get feedback at the same time you are doing the online conference, which allows you to improve certain aspects in your way of explaining the content.

In addition, the online conference can be a preparation for those who want to start recording an online course, but find it difficult to perform in front of the cameras.

Working from wherever you are

Working anywhere in the world is perhaps one of the most striking advantages for those who do an online conference.

To use this strategy, all you need is a camera to record, which can even be your own computer camera, and a good Internet signal.

It is much easier to talk about a certain topic if you are in a place where you feel more comfortable.

In addition, the pleasure of working on one’s own schedule and on the day one wants is a great attraction for those who care about the quality of working life.

How to make an online conference?

Now that you have seen the advantages of giving an online conference, let’s explain the main steps to do your live broadcast.

Choose a topic to address

The first step in making an online conference seems obvious, but it is key: you need to define a specific topic.

We need to emphasize that the selected topic must be within your domain of knowledge. Only then you will be able to develop the chosen topic well.

If your specialty is mathematics, for example, don’t offer talks on other knowledge.

In addition to probably offering poor quality content, people who are attending your conference may not be interested in topics not related to what you have set out to talk about, which will cause them to abandon your transmission.

Define the objectives of your conference

Set clear goals for your conference.

If you are holding an online conference to sell a product, you have to keep the focus on the advantages obtained by those who buy it, as well as clarify doubts.

In addition, it is important to make a call at the end of your conference to direct viewers to your sales page.

On the other hand, if your goal is to educate your audience before even offering a solution for them to buy, it is important to address the chosen topic in a general way and not focus on sales.

That way people will understand that your goal was to share knowledge about a specific issue, without having to make a sale at the time.