Reasons to organize corporate events

Before organizing a corporate event, it is ESSENTIAL to know why you are doing it. So, yes, there are surely a multitude of good reasons to do it. There are many advantages to organizing corporate events. But in order to benefit from these advantages, your event must be a success.

Why you need a good reason to organize a corporate event

Seminars, private parties, company birthdays… An event for every occasion? The corporate events market is growing every year: events are becoming an essential internal and external communication lever for most companies!

Before you start: it’s essential to know why you’re organizing an event
Organizing a corporate event should not be taken lightly. Before committing time and money to an event, you need to know why it deserves to take place.

Knowing the reason for an event will then allow you to :

1. Define specific objectives

Should this event allow you to facilitate a product launch? Reward your employees? Give as much detail as possible about the expected results: financial benefits, human impact.

2. Define your budget

A successful corporate event is a profitable event! By defining your objectives, you have already estimated the contributions of your future event. Now, calculate the ideal budget to devote to it in order to have a positive ROI.

3. Integrate event communication into your overall strategy

The impact of the event takes place at all levels of your company: HR, Marketing, sales. To best manage your event strategy, we advise you to integrate it into your overall strategy. Don’t wait until a special occasion presents itself to start organising your corporate event: on the contrary, plan your events within the framework of your strategy, and create the opportunities!

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Creating value: the common goal of all successful corporate events
The reasons for organizing an event are certainly numerous but successful corporate events all have the same thing in common! They are all about creating value.

These are certainly the three best reasons to organize a corporate event.

1. Organize a corporate event to develop your human capital

The development of your human resources is an excellent advantage in the organization of corporate events.

Create a link between your employees and strengthen team spirit.

We won’t teach you anything new by telling you that your company’s performance depends greatly on the efficiency of your teams. You can learn to work well together.

Bringing your employees together in the context of a teambuilding event, such as a company seminar for example, is the ideal opportunity to federate your teams.

Develop the individual and collective skills of your employees

Leverage corporate events to train your employees in an efficient and original way. Of course, there are many ways to develop technical and theoretical skills. But only company events will also allow us to work on soft skills, collective skills and putting theory into practice.

Improving the quality of work life and employee engagement

Corporate events do not necessarily take place outside the office. Enhancing the office experience contributes to improving the Quality of Work Life (or QWL). It has been proven that a better QWL has a direct impact on your employees’ commitment to the common project.

2. Organize a corporate event to improve internal communication and develop corporate culture

What makes you different from the competition? When two companies seem perfectly similar (size, activity, type of management), there is always a differentiating element.

The corporate culture

By developing your corporate culture, you cultivate your difference, build long-term employee loyalty and build a strong and attractive employer brand image.

Allowing all employees to meet and network with one another

Building relationships is not only important within teams, but also between the different teams! Thanks to corporate events, bring together employees from all levels, departments and units of your company.

Celebrating Success

Celebrations have many, many advantages. And of course, the organization of an event is necessary for any celebration.

Here’s why you should celebrate successes, whether they are corporate, team or individual:

  • To unite, unite and re-motivate employees…
  • To develop a common vision, share the company’s ambitions
  • To offer recognition to employees, reward their efforts and build loyalty.

3. Organizing a corporate event to improve external communication and create business opportunities

Customer and partner events are often those with the highest ROI. Their financial impact is easier to measure than the HR impact of in-house professional events.

Develop external communication

Events are a communication channel in their own right. Corporate events give you an advantage that no other communication channel can offer you: the privilege of the presence of your clients, prospects, partners. The interactions with them will be all the more striking, and the feedback you will collect during these events will be more qualitative than those collected online or on the phone.

Develop your brand image and notoriety

This advantage of the event is directly related to the previous one – the improvement of your external communication. Organizing a corporate event is a means of conveying values and a prestigious image. Indeed, very often, we associate the qualities of an event with the image of the company organizing it. Event communication then has a direct impact on your notoriety and your brand image.

Meet prospects and sell

Event communication is a strong but often neglected acquisition channel. Organizing a corporate event for prospects and customers will bring you face to face with them. By meeting them in person, you can much more easily convince them, answer their questions and dissolve their doubts. It is the perfect opportunity to generate highly qualified leads in a very short time, as well as business opportunities.